Dennis Bill’s Family History

Researching the BILL and WISEMAN families in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and wherever


It’s November 2023 and just over a year since I last updated this site, but I haven’t been idle as I have added a further 600 people in the Family Tree lists and done a lot of work on sorting and identifying my DNA matches described in the Research page. Paragraphs with new text are indicated by NEW in the right margin.

What is on this site?

Family Tree

These pages contains a listing of everyone in my family tree.

Research - available & wanted

This page tells the background to my research and my current outstanding lines of enquiry.

Skeletons and other stories

Read some of the stories connected to my family tree including the “Wiseman Quebec Connection” story together with "Regina vs John Wiseman", "James Bennett and King John’s House", "The Naughty Ladies of Malta" (!!), the "Will of John Bennett of Tollard Royal, 1746” and others.

War Memorials

This page contains the stories of the men in my tree who gave their lives in any war. If you know of any others from those listed in my Family Tree page I would love to hear about them.
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