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Welcome It’s now September 2016 and just over a year since I last updated this site.  This delay has been partly due to other commitments but also to the fact that I have been working on a narrative of my family history story, easier said than done. The reason for the update now is to announce that my book about The Crinoline Church, promised for some time on the Skeletons page, has now been published - click the link under the image to the right for more information. My apologies to those visitors who have typed in It was my intention to create a seperate web site related to the book but the commitments mentioned above have prevented this for the time being. There are some minor updates to the remaining family history information - check out the What’s New page for details. What’s on this site? Family Tree - This page contains an indexed listing of everyone in my family tree. Research - available & wanted - This page tells the background to my research and my current outstanding lines of enquiry. It also lists all the data I have collected but is not in my Family Tree. There is a FREE look-up service for this data. Skeletons and other stories - Read some of the stories connected to my family tree including the new “Wiseman Quebec Connection” story together with "Regina vs John Wiseman", "James Bennett and King John’s House", "The Naughty Ladies of Malta" (!!), the "Will of John Bennett of Tollard Royal, 1746” and other stories. Resources - for FREE downloads of my Master Index of Portsea Island Church Registers and Indexes and my Church Photos gallery with over 160 photos of churches in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Dorset, East Sussex, Wiltshire & Ireland. What’s New? -  a quick reference list recording changes I have made to the site.  Surnames - A quick reference list of the families in my family tree and the surnames of people in my unpublished research Contact - for feedback and enquiries About Me - self-explanatory plus access to my page about Birdwatching in Portsmouth Harbour
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