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As I am no longer showing my family tree on this web site but replacing it with an indexed name list, (Family Tree) this page is somewhat redundant but I am keeping it for the time being as a quick reference to the surnames and extra family names added to the site since the last update. Surnames in my Family Tree Surnames in my unpublished research The following surnames appear in my Family Tree. The numbers indicate there are multiple surname records. New and additional surname entries since the last update are shown in bold Abbiss, Adams, Akehurst, Allen (2), Alner, Anchor (2), Armour, Attwood, Audley (10), Bailey, Baker, Baldwin (2), Barber, Barnais (2), Barnes (11), Barns (2), Barratt, Beaulieu, Beaven (11), Beech, Benfield, Bennett (83), Bill (19), Blachford, Blake (2), Blanchard, Borgstrum, Bourget, Bradford, Bramble (2), Bramblebee, Brent (3), Briggs (23), Brunette (2), Bryant (2), Budd (2), Budden (2), Burford, Burnell,  Camfield, Carroll (2), Carter (2), Cassell, Cave, Chalmers (130), Chalmers-Stevens (3), Chester, Chevalier (2), Chown, Chretien (3), Clark, Claydon, Clayton (5), Coleman, Cole (2), Coles (2), Collins, Cormier (2), Cornthwaite, Cote, Cottin, Couture, Cowd, Crispin (2), Cross (9), Cullum (4), Curle (21), Dallaway (2), Darby, Davidson (2), Day, Delage, Delaney (13), DeLisle (2), Descombes, Devonshire, Dollery (18), Dotterill (7), Dourneford, Down, Dryer, Duke (2), Dupuis (2), Duthie (4), Duval (4), Edmonds, Egan (7), Elcock (4), Evans (2), Faulkener (2), Fiford, Fletcher (5), Foreman (11), Forster (2), Foster (28), Froom (12), Fugatt (2), Gagnon, Gardener (2), Gavin, Gladstone (2), Goldsmith,  Gover (23), Grames (5), Green, Gregory, Guenette, Gunn (7), Gunner, Haden, Haffenden (8), Haggis (6), Hamblin, Hansford, Hardwick (9), Hare (3), Harmer, Hawkins (4), Hayter, Henbest (8), Hianveu (2), Higgins (2), Hills (2), Hoare, Hodges, Hodgetts, Hoffman, Holden (7), Houghton, Hull, Hunter (2), Hurst (2), Isherwood, Ivemey, Jeremie (2), Johnson (7), Jones (17+7), Kelly, Kemper, Kimber (3), Kingswell (2), Knight (4), Labbe, Labreu, Lachance, Leat, Legge (4), Letoorneau, Letts (12), Lipscomb (4), Long (3), Lovett (46), Lush (2), Lyne (2), Magnan, Magnon, Mailloux, Mansouneuve, Marc, Marin, Maunder, McCullen, McNeil (7),  Miller, Mills (11), Mitchell (1+1), Moody (3), Moore (18), Morgan, Mullinger (2), Myer (2), Newland, Newnham (2), Nookes, Noreau, Nottage, Outen (2), Paine, Papillon (2), Patrick (4), Pearson (2), Peckham, Pelchat, Penford (7+2), Pennicott (11), Perrin, Perry (2), Philippon, Philpott (6), Pollard, Pool, Potten, Prince, Provost, Pullom (2), Ratford, Reddle, Reilly (2), Richards (4), Richardson (2), Rickman (29), Ridley, Ridout, Robinson, Rodrigue (2), Rogers (2), Russell (4), St Aubin, St Hilaire (2), Sammells (2), Saunders (3), Sawyer (5+6), Scott (3), Seall, Sharkey, Shaw (2), Simbs, Small (2), Smith (9), Stay, Stead (7), Stevens, Stewart (14), Stigny, Styles (3), Strickland, Tarrant (2), Tee (2), Terry, Tessier,  Thane, Thomas, Tibbler (2), Tilley, Titcum, Titford, Trowbridge (23), Truckle (2), Trudel (2), Tuohey (7), Turner (14), Upward (2), Urry (6), Usherwood, Valentin (3), Varnes, Vermet, Wakefield (2), Wallman (9), Ward (6), Waters (88), Watkins, Watten, Webb, Wells (2), Whitcomb, White (4), Whitear (13), Wicker, Wicytch (2), Wilkinson (4), Wilson, Winbow, Wiseman (154+58), Witt (24), Woodford (2), Yates (2), Young. back to top The following surnames appear in my unpublished New Forest research.  There are over 800 Wiseman, Witt and Curle records plus the following surnames from marriages to Wisemans, Witts and Curles, and all refer to records before 1840 - see my Research page. Alexander, Alner, Andrewes, Baker, Barry, Batts, Belbin, Besant, Bessant, Best, Biddlecom, Blake, Bowern, Bown, Bradley, Brews, Brint, Brookman, Broune, Brown, Browne, Browning, Bunch, Butler, Cage, Chalk, Clark, Clasby, Cobb, Coles, Collins, Cox, Curle, Cutler, Danyell, Dawkins, Day, Deadman, Deeke, Downton, Earley, Etheridge, Faulkener, Faulkner, Frampton, Fulford, Galton, Gew, Gillette, Goabody, Golding, Gray, Guy, Hardwicke, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Head, Hodges, Holloway, Hopkins, House, Ifamy, Ivemey, Jacob, James, Jones, Jordan, Keeping, Kelland, Kimber, Kindle, Kinge, Knight, Leat, Legg, Linny, Livelong, Lockyer, Long, Lyne, Manfield, Marshall, Martin, Menfielde, Mew, Michell, Mitchell, Mole, Morgan, Murrey, Myt, Newman, Nives, Norris, Outen, Page, Parker, Pasket, Pearce, Philpot, Pickford, Piddle, Pilgrim, Pitt, Pool, Quinten, Randall, Reade, Rendall, Richman, Rickman, Ridout, Robinson, Rogers, Rolls, Roman, Russell, Sansom, Saunders, Savage, Sawford, Scammel, Selle, Sevier, Sharp, Sheargold, Shearing, Short, Sims, Smythe, Snelgrove, Spicknal, Stacey, Standard, Stanley, Stone, Stout, Street, Stride, Strotton, Thomas, Tilley, Titford, Treemaine, Tremaine, Tull, Tyldin, Ward, Warum, Watkins, Watten, Way, Webb, Wells, Which, Whitaker, White, Wicker, Willis, Wiseman, Witt, Woods, Wyld, Yates back to top