Dennis Billís Family History
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Dennis Bill’s Family History
The Crinoline Church, Eastney Barracks
The Crinoline Church, Eastney Barracks  -  Blog page 6 Nov 2016  -  QSI Bryan Gasson, BEM, page 159 I have just finished reading Angus Konstam’s latest book - Jutland 1916 - and in it he quotes a source at the Imperial War Museum (IWM Archive, Misc, 1010, R Church Collection, Gasson) indicating that Bryan Gasson was not in the control top at the time of the explosion that ripped the Invincible apart as I had read elsewhere but “perched in the roof of ‘Q’ turret manning a rangefinder” when the fatal shell from the Derflinger struck.  As this source is a questionnaire completed by Gasson himself it is clearly the real story.